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Our summer collection in the colors of Cap-Ferret

FINALLY, here it is: our favorite collection of the year, the one where the skin is discovered and where the little jewels appear!

Our new MIMBEAU collection is an invitation to discover a beautiful peninsula in France, where the history of the Atelier began: Cap-Ferret.

Each stone has been selected with this in mind: turquoise for the blue of the basin accompanied by mother-of-pearl, freshwater pearl and labradorite for our memories on the white sand. We also chose aventurine, the color of the wilderness of Cap-Ferret, or black agate, reminding us of our beautiful summer evenings, the sun already down, before waking up under the dew, evoked by our sunstone.

Each design has been meticulously studied and our little jewels handmade in Paris.

Now, we let you discover...

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